Keeping promises, enthusiasm and doing things just that little bit
differently from other secondment agencies. That’s what Coers Consultancy
stands for. Over the years, many shipyards, yacht builders and offshore
companies have benefitted from our no-nonsense mentality.

Coers Consultancy many years of experience in the secondment of qualified personnel in the maritime sector. Since inception, we have always succeeded in supplying the specialists our clients have needed. So you can count on us to help you find the professionals you need, too.


Extensive Data Bank of Personnel

From project managers to pipe fitters and from draughtsmen to carpenters, Coers Consultancy can fill almost any position in the shipyard, yacht-building and offshore sectors. We have a very extensive data bank of highly-qualified, experienced personnel at our disposal, in the fields of design, technology, construction and interior outfitting. We can also supply you with advisors and supervisors specialised, for instance, in the tendering process, reviewing contracts, assessing drawings and much more.


Inventive, Accurate and Reliable

From now on, staffing problems are a thing of the past. One call and we will provide the professionals you need. And you can be sure that Coers Consultancy will keep its promises. We are an inventive, accurate and reliable partner in the care for personnel.

Positions we can Fill

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